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Micro Vickers hardness tester

US $ 2500
The automatic turret Vickers hardness tester features automatic switching between the indenter and the objective lens during testing, precise positioning of test points, and integral casting of the housing, laying a good foundation for the high accuracy and stability of the machine. The light sourc...

Manual ultrasonic hardness of long/short probe

US $ 15000
Compliance with standards ASTM-A1038-2005;DIN 50159-1-2008;JB/T9377-2010。 Product Introduction Long Head Manual Ultrasonic Hardness Tester is also known as Ultrasonic Gear Hardness Tester and Deep Hole Hardness Tester because the configured ultrasonic probe is relatively slender and can non-destr...

Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

US $ 13500
The HM300M host and probe adopt a streamlined design, an anti-interference aluminum alloy housing, a high-strength scratch resistant glass panel, a high-speed computing MPU system, a 3.2 "high brightness color LCD screen, and moneyless Bluetooth data printing and transmission technology. With a cle...

Brinell Hardness Tester

US $ 4500
Product features: Electronic reversing switch: Robust construction, good rigidity, accuracy, reliability, durability, and high measurement efficiency: High precision reading microscope measurement system: Widely applicable to quality monitoring in production sites, with strong adaptability to the w...

Vickers hardness tester

US $ 3500
Applications: ●HMV-5 Vickers hardness testers are mainly used for hardness testing and scientific research of all generic materials。 ●HMV-5Capable of testing from very shaped materials (such as several HV) to very hard materials (3000 HV) ●HMV-5 It can almost be measured except for samples that ar...

Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester

US $ 4500
Product Features: ●It is a fully automatic intelligent digital Rockwell hardness tester,Rockwell hardness and surface Rockwell hardness measurements can be performed automatically on the sample: ●One button operation, automatic lifting, automatic load change, automatic loading, automatic unloading...

Total 6 Products Showing 1 - 6

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