• Vickers hardness tester
  • Vickers hardness tester

Vickers hardness tester

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Product Description

●HMV-5 Vickers hardness testers are mainly used for hardness testing and
scientific research of all generic materials。
●HMV-5Capable of testing from very shaped materials (such as
several HV) to very hard materials (3000 HV)
●HMV-5 It can almost be measured except for samples that are
particularly small and thin coated All belong to the entire

Product Features:
●HMV-5 Automatic closed-loop sensor loading is adopted, and the MPU
controls the automatic loading of the test force Guarantee and load:
●HMV-5 The optical system is equipped with 10x micrometer eyepieces,
10x and 40x mirrors,Optical magnification up to 100X and 400X
●HMV-5 LCD liquid product display screen is adopted, which can
directlydisplay the test force Hardness value, test force holding
time, measurement times, etc.:
●HMV-5 It is necessary to manually read the indentation length, manually
enter the indentation length through the control panel, and the MPU automatically calculates the Weimin
hardness value:
●HMV-5 Optional thermal printer (V-5P) or automatic turret (V-5A):
●HMV-5 An iVicky 2.0 CMOS camera measurement system can be optionally equipped with a VicPad hardness
measurement system.
technical parameter:
Product Name Vickers hardness tester
Product model HMV-5
Product article number #821-101
N 2.94、4.9、9.8、19.6、24.5、29.4、49.0
optical system Observation and measurement objective lens: 10x/40x
measuring range 1HV-2967HV
Turret system Manual turret (automatic turret optional)
Loading Method Full automatic loading/holding/unloading of face test force
eyepiece 10x Mechanical reading eyepiece
Duration Time 5-60s Adjustable
Lighting source Adjustable LED cold light source/halogen light source
Height of test piece 170mm
Instrument throat depth 130m
supply voltage AC220V/50Hz: AC110V/60Hz
Overall dimensions 530x225x630mm
Package size 610x450x770mm
Gross weight/net weight 50Kk/38Kg
Executive standards 1S06507, ASTM E92,JIS Z2244, GB/T4340

Standard configuration:
Attachment Name Attachment Name Attachment Name
Da Wei Min indenter 10x Machine City Reading Eyepiece dust cover
φ100mm staging 10x objective Accessory box
Vickers hardness
40x objective power cord
Vickers hardness
Warranty Card/Certificate of
Instructions/Packing List

Optional Accessories:
Attachment Name Attachment Name Attachment Name
X-Y cross platform Sheet holder Weimin hardness measurement
Digital display micro header flat tongs USB CMOS camera
Heavy duty workbench Filament clamping table Camera Adaptation Mirror
V-shaped platform Irregular clamping table Vickers measurement software

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