Battery Extrusion Test Machine

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Product Description

The safety performance of the battery is checked by the extrusion test. After the test, the battery should not fire or explode; it is also an indispensable testing equipment for battery manufacturers and research institutes.


1. The wire jacket is covered with a metal fireproof tube, which effectively prevents the battery from catching fire and burning during the test;
2. Install lighting tubes, so that you can clearly see the situation in the working room from the outside;
3. The squeezing force value 250N~13KN can be set at will to meet the requirements of different standards;
4. Equipped with test holes and air inlets, air outlets + exhaust fans will be more effective to quickly remove the test exhaust gas and air pressure; test holes are designed for the tester to detect the temperature or air pressure in the test space;
5. The control part and the test box are separated, which can be operated at a distance of 1 to 2 meters, which provides certain safety measures.

Standard basis

MT/T 1051-2007 "Lithium-ion battery for miner's lamp-extrusion test";
UL 1642 Safety Standard "Compression Test";
UL 2054 safety standard "Compression Test";
GB/T 2900.11-1988 Safety performance inspection specification for lithium-ion batteries for miner’s lamps "Extrusion";
YD 1268-2003 Safety requirements for battery and charger of mobile communication handheld device "Extrusion resistance";
SJ/T 11169-1998 Lithium Battery Standard "Extrusion Test";
GB/T 8897.4-2002 Primary Battery Part 4 Safety Requirements for Lithium Batteries "Extrusion";
SJ/T 11170-1998 Household and commercial battery safety standard "Extrusion";
YDB 032-2009 Backup lithium-ion battery pack for communication "Anti-extrusion";
QB/T 2502-2000 General Specification for Lithium Ion Battery "Extrusion (Internal Short Circuit) Test".








Maximum displacementmm


Auxiliary function (optional)

Voltage, temperature collection, video monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, safety explosion-proof system, salt mist filter system

Extrusion speed


Test spacemm

200x200x200300x300x300 Can be customized according to requirements



Voltage selection


Temperature collection range


Voltage and temperature accuracy


Voltage resolution


Temperature resolution




Extrusion stroke

0-300mmOptional within range


Vertical and horizontal (can be choosed according to actual size)

Test conditions

The force is about 13KN, once the maximum pressure is reached, the pressure can be relieved

Extrusion method

horizontal Vertical

Squeeze deformation

None (If necessary, you need to choose another computer control system series)

Squeeze hold time

0~99 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds

Drive way


Extrusion accuracy



The vertical or horizontal structure is separated from the control part


None (If necessary, you need to choose another computer control system series)

Extrusion fixture

Flat extrusion plate, different fixtures can be choosed according to different standards

Data acquisition module

Independent remote collection and isolation, multiple voltage, temperature, and current collection channels to ensure correct data.(Optional)

Channel data standard

2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels, multiple data acquisition systems (optional)

Camera monitoring system

The test area is equipped with a high-definition camera monitoring system and can be remotely controlled, with explosion-proof function (optional)

The standard configuration

1 set of extrusion host, 1 set of control cabinet, 1 extrusion plate

Test Fixture

Specific production, according to the actual use conditions of the sample


AC380V 50HZ Three-phase five-wire system

Use environment


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