Surface Resistance Tester /Surface Impedance Tester

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Product Description

The digital display weight type surface resistance tester/surface impedance tester measures the resistance of anti-static products to detect the anti-static ability of anti-static products. This machine follows the ASTM standard D-257 test method, and only two Place the heavy hammer on the surface of the object to be measured and press the red button, the instrument will display the surface resistance of the measured object


When the battery voltage is lower than 5 volts, the Lwbattery indicator will be on; it has a digital display; it is a multi-function tester for measuring ambient temperature, humidity and surface resistance of objects.



Input voltage: DC9V Battery life: 40 hours (continuous work)
Display accuracy: 1/2 Size: 170(H)×100(L)×40(W)mm
Measuring range: 103Ω-1012Ω 0℃-60℃ 0-100%
Instrument weight: 350g
Weight of heavy hammer: 2.5±0.2kg/piece

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