Automatic Film Sample Cutting Machine For Adhesive tape/film/PVC/PET/3M glue ACK

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It is mainly suitable for precision cutting of tensile and peeling test samples of adhesive tape, film, aluminum-plastic film and other materials;


Any size, accuracy can reach 0.05MM, vacuum suction, single cutting can reach more than 70 pieces, higher efficiency
Computer numerical control, arbitrary point positioning, full cut, half cut (basic function).
High precision: using high-precision guide rails, the accuracy can reach 0.05mm.
Mainly cut adhesive tape, film, PVC, PET, 3M glue, FPC flexible board, reflective film, copper foil, aluminum foil and other precision materials such as mobile phones and computers about 2mm.


Cutting size: 900mm*600mm
Machine size: 2100mm*1650mm
Working voltage: AC380V soil 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Cutting speed: 1200mm/s (varies depending on the cutting material)
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
Positioning method: Vacuum adsorption
Transmission system: stepper drive, linear guide rail
File format: HP-GL compatible format, including common formats such as DXF, CDR, AI, etc.
Sampling size: It can meet the requirements of 15MM, 20MM, 24MM, 25MM film, aluminum-plastic film and other materials. Precision cutting, any size, precision up to 0.05MM, vacuum suction, up to a single cutting 70 or more, higher efficiency

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