AFT Shear and Temperature Test for Adhesive Tape

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Product Description

SAFT term analysis

When the specimen is loaded with a certain standard quality, the upper limit temperature that the bonding area can withstand when shear failure is the shear failure temperature SAFT

Test principle

By controlling the heating rate of the oven, the time taken for the adhesive tape specimen to be broken when the adhesive tape is maintained is measured, and then the shear failure temperature is calculated.



1. The analytical accuracy of the thermostat: 0.1 °C;
2. Sample cutter: width 24MM;
3. Test area: 24 mmX24 mm;
4. Test board: length 72 mm, width 50 mm;
5. Manual or electric rolling wheel (purchased separately);
6. The accuracy of the thermometer is 0.5 min;
7. The initial temperature is 40 °C;
8. Test load: 1KG or 0.5KG, a total of 9;
9. Temperature range: normal temperature +5°C~300°C;
10. Temperature uniformity: ± 1 °C;
11. Temperature control system: touch screen type, time, temperature, speed can be set, different temperature section program group test methods can be set;
12. Number of test groups: 9 groups in total, each group is timed separately, staggered before and after;
13: Internal 304 stainless steel, external advanced powder spraying treatment;
14. Power supply: 220V 2KW

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