Zipper Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine Gap/Looseness/Connector-Failure

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Product Description

This machine performs reciprocating tests for various zippers, continuous continuous reciprocating actions during the test, and the ultimate goal is to test the gap, looseness or connector failure, fluffing, abrasion, etc. of the zipper joint.

According to the standard: QB/T 2155-2010




Reciprocating stroke 75mm
Horizontal clamping device width 25mm
Total weight of longitudinal clamping device 0.28~0.34kg
Distance between two clamping devices 6.35mm
Opening angle of specimen 60°
Test piece engagement angle 30°
Number of trials LCD electronic display, 0-99999 times, power failure memory function
Stop mode The test piece is destroyed and shut down, two-point sensing position
Weight 35kg
Standard equipment Chuck adjustment function
Machine size 28×55×66 cm  (W×D×H)
Power supply AC 220V 3A

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