Falling Dart Impact Testing Machine

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It complies with ISO7765-85 "Determination of Impact Resistance of Plastic Films and Sheets" and GB9639-88 "Impact Performance Test of Plastic Films and Sheets" and meets the standards of ZBN72026-80 "Technical Conditions for Dart Impact Testing Machines". It is suitable for the packaging industry, packaging material manufacturers, packaging material testing institutions, colleges and universities, etc., to determine the impact resistance of plastic films, sheets and other materials;


(1) Test the impact test of the plastic film, test the impact performance of the material with a dart head at a certain height,
(2) The instrument can use A and B test methods to do experiments;
(3) Touch screen operation, automatic statistics and calculation of damage quality, accurate test results and easy operation.
(4) Support thermal printing, test data can be printed out;
(5) Pneumatic clamp, automatic sample clamping;



Dart head quality: 50-2000g; increment 5g/time
Dart head diameter: A method R38±1mm, B method R50±1mm
Specimen fixture: outer diameter 150mm, inner diameter 125mm Impact height: 1500mm
Test range: Method A: 50g-2000g; Method B: 300g-2000g;
Test accuracy: 1g
Power supply: AC 220V 50HC
Dimensions (length × width × height): 650mm×650mm×2500mm Weight: 55kg

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