Heat Sealer Heat Sealing Instrument

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Product Description

Heat sealing performance is the most important performance of plastic packaging film. The heat sealing instrument can accurately measure the heat sealing temperature range, heat sealing strength, suitable heat sealing speed, heat sealing pressure of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper, aluminum foil and other heat sealing composites.
It is suitable for the scientific research and teaching experiment of various plastic film, food and drug manufacturing enterprises to control and test the product quality, and schools.



It is used to test the film starting temperature, heat sealing speed, heat sealing strength, etc. It can set five different temperature zones at the same time, the heat sealing efficiency is high, and the different temperature zones have little influence on each other. It can also be single stage and double Segment test

Standards compliant

QB/T 2358、ASTM F 2029、YBB 0012200




Heat sealing temperature Room temperature ~300℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1
Heat sealing time 0.01s~99.99h
Heat sealing pressure 0.05~0.8Mpa
Hot cover 45×10mm smooth×5 sections (lower sealing rod with silicon pad), various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements
Heat sealing heating form Dual heating, automatic and manual two modes, built-in cylinder
Dimensions 700(L)mm×400(B)mm×540(H)mm
Power supply AC 220V‌50Hz
Configuration One host, one foot switch, one power cord

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