• DIN Abrasion Testing Machine -Rubber test machine
  • DIN Abrasion Testing Machine -Rubber test machine

DIN Abrasion Testing Machine -Rubber test machine

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Product Description

The main function of the abrasion testing machine is to rub the surface of the test piece with a specific abrasive paper, and after a certain friction distance, evaluate the surface abrasion condition of the test piece, weight loss, volume loss, wear thickness, and other characteristics, and evaluate the wear resistance characteristics of the material by comparing standard adhesives.

Standards met by the wear testing machine:

DIN-53516; ISO-4649; GB/T9867-88;

Purpose of wear testing machine equipment:

This machine is suitable for abrasion testing of elastic materials, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, transmission belts, soles, soft synthetic leather, leather, etc., with high efficiency, good reproducibility, and easy operation

Industry where abrasion testing machines are used:

Suitable for shoe industry, rubber industry, scientific research and experimental institutes; Commercial inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments, etc. test the performance of leather products

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