• Rubber Vickers Plasticity Testing Machine
  • Rubber Vickers Plasticity Testing Machine

Rubber Vickers Plasticity Testing Machine

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Product Description

This machine is manufactured according to standards and is used to test the plasticity value of raw rubber, plastic compound, mixed rubber, and rubber products. At a specified temperature, a preheated specimen of a certain size is compressed between two parallel plates under a constant load for a specified period of time, 

Main functions:

Used to determine the Williamson plasticity of raw rubber, plain rubber, and mixed rubber. The main difference between this machine and general plastic machines is that its structure refers to the requirements of ANSI/ASTM standards and advanced foreign prototypes, with temperature control digital display; It can be arbitrarily set within 0-100 ℃, and a three-minute alarm installed inside the machine can greatly improve the timing accuracy.


Main features:

The weighing assembly and working platform are installed in a thermostatic box and controlled by the lifting mechanism of the pressurized weight. Press the handle to manipulate the cam to slide the pressurized weight up and down in the axial direction. The dial indicator is fixed on the box top bracket to measure the displacement of the pressurized weight due to sample deformation.

2. Thermostatic controller

The thermostatic controller consists of an electric heater, a platinum thermistor, a constant temperature switch, and a digital temperature display regulator.

3. Timing alarm

The imported timing integrated circuit is adopted, which has the advantages of compact structure, high reliability, and low power consumption. After the specified time for the test has been counted for 3 minutes, the timer will automatically stop timing, lift the heavy hammer, and the timer will automatically reset to zero. It can be operated again at any time.


Standards met: Comply with the requirements of GB/T 12828 "Determination of Plasticity and Recovery Value of Raw Rubber and Rubber Mixtures" and other standards.


Application industry: Suitable for rubber, tire, recycled rubber manufacturers

Technical parameters:

Normal temperature: 50 ℃~300 ℃

Measuring range 0.01~25 mm

Measurement accuracy ± 0.01 mm

Load 49 N ± 0.05 N

Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃

Timer LCD display 0~9999

Volume (inner box size W × D × H):35cm × 35cm × 35 cm

Weight 53 kg

Power supply 1 ∮, AC 220V, 5A

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