• Open type rubber mixer (water cooled) -  rubber factories testing machine
  • Open type rubber mixer (water cooled) -  rubber factories testing machine
  • Open type rubber mixer (water cooled) -  rubber factories testing machine

Open type rubber mixer (water cooled) - rubber factories testing machine

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Product Description

Open type rubber mixing machine A rubber mixing machine with exposed rollers used in rubber factories to prepare plastic rubber, mix rubber, or conduct water cooling and molding. The main working components are two hollow or drilled rollers that rotate inward in opposite directions. The device on the operator's side is called the front roller, which can be horizontally moved back and forth through manual or electrical action to adjust the roller pitch to meet operational requirements; The rear roller is fixed and cannot be moved back and forth. The two rollers are generally of the same size and rotate relative to each other at different speeds. As the rollers rotate, raw rubber or rubber material is drawn into the gap between the two rollers, and is subjected to strong shear action to achieve the purpose of molding or mixing. Open mills are also used in departments such as plastic processing.

Purpose of the equipment: The open mixer is the abbreviation of the open rubber mixer, which is commonly referred to as a two-roller machine in plastic products factories. The open mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment that has been used earlier in plastic product factories. In the calender production line, the opening mill is located in front of the calender and behind the mixer, and its function is to mix and plasticize the uniformly mixed raw materials, providing the calender with a more uniformly mixed and molded molten material for the molding of plastic products. During the production of cable material, the open mill can directly melt and mold the powder material mixed according to the formula into molten material, and then press and mold it into a sheet shaped belt, so that the granulator can cut it into granules. In the floor leather production line, it is possible to directly provide cloth base leather with a uniformly mixed and plasticized primer. The recycled waste plastic film (sheet) can also be re molded and recycled on the open mill.

Purpose of the equipment:

The core technology is from Taiwan, and the main electronic components are from Schneider, France;

(2) Water cooled, the surface temperature reaches normal temperature through water circulation - water temperature, and the temperature is uniform;

(3) The roller is made of vanadium titanium alloy chilled cast iron with a rolling hardness (HRC) of 50-60, and its surface is hard, wear-resistant, and durable The finishing of the inner cavity of the roller ensures rapid and uniform cooling of the roller body;

(4) The machine adopts manual distance adjustment and digital display, which is convenient and intuitive for adjustment. The thickness of 0.1~10mm is accurately adjusted, convenient for operation, and high safety factor;

(5) The machine is equipped with emergency braking. When an emergency occurs, there are 7 safety control switches, including emergency switches at the four corners, rear legs, front top pull rods, and rear top pull rods, to facilitate multi-position braking and rapid stop of the machine;

(6) If there is any abnormality, install any switch button, and the two rollers can automatically reverse for 1/4 turn, improving the safety factor;

(7) The automatic refueling device has the advantage of ensuring long-term oil supply to the transmission components, making up for the serious consequences of manual refueling and forgetting to supply, resulting in component damage

We use a two motor drive, which can achieve any speed ratio of the front and rear rollers, and can be easily operated from the front to the rear;

(9) The overall bottom plate is easy to install, and the transmission mode is single shaft output to ensure large torque. Imported bearings reduce friction force to ensure power saving, low noise, and uniform and controllable rubber thickness;

(10) The entire machine is set with high mechanical strength, and the transmission device is controlled by dual motors and dual frequency converters, resulting in low noise and long service life;

Technical parameters:

1. Mixing capacity: 0.1 -- - 2kgs

Drum temperature: normal temperature~250 ℃

Heating method: electric heating

Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃

5. Roller speed: constant speed (about 15 revolutions)

6. Roller speed ratio: 1:1.27

7. Drum size: ф 160mm (Taiwan made high hardness surface plated with hard chromium mirror treatment, non adhesive, non delamination) steel hole digging technology is permanently non fracture and non deformation

8. Roller spacing: 0~5mm adjustable

9. Safety device: multiple touch type emergency stops at four corners, and our company has also added a leg top type emergency stop (with reversing function, safety first, user-friendly design, and workers are always safe and free from occupational injury)

10. Motor: 5.5KW2 sets (latest process design, mechanical structure adjustment, and traditional process mechanical transmission with 22KW output torque, achieving the purpose of energy conservation)

11. Roller lubrication: The excellent wear-resistant bearing has a large contact area, extending its service life by 2/3 compared to traditional copper sleeves

12. Mechanical structure: steel plate (lighter weight, smaller volume, higher mechanical strength, and better toughness than traditional process cast iron)

13. Power supply 3 ∮, AC380V, 18A


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