• Mooney Viscometer - rubber testing machine
  • Mooney Viscometer - rubber testing machine
  • Mooney Viscometer - rubber testing machine

Mooney Viscometer - rubber testing machine

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Product Description

Purpose of the equipment:

Mooney viscometer is a method for measuring the fluidity of raw rubber and unvulcanized rubber by means of rotation. During the rubber processing process, from the beginning of the plasticizing machine to the completion of vulcanization, there is a close relationship with the fluidity of the rubber, and the Mooney viscosity value is an important technical indicator to measure this performance. It is an indispensable instrument in the industries of recycled rubber, rubber, wires and cables

Industry Applied:

Mooney viscometers are widely used in metrological quality inspection; Rubber Research; Automobile manufacturing; Wire and cable; medical apparatus and instruments; Civil aviation; Colleges and universities; Research and Experimental Institute; Technical supervision department; Petrochemical industry; Tyre production; Other industries.

Equipment characteristics:

● Test standard modularization function: provide users with test settings for the required applications, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... and other test standards and specifications.

● Test sample data: Provide users with the ability to set all test sample data for permanent reuse once input.

● Auto Scale of graph curves enables graphs to be displayed at the optimal scale. And can dynamically switch graphics in real-time during testing.

The temperature control circuit is composed of a measurement and control module, a platinum resistor, and a heater. It can automatically track changes in the power grid and ambient temperature, automatically correct PID parameters, and achieve rapid and accurate temperature control.

The software platform can be Windows 98/me/NT/XP or other versions. The visual graphical software window operation interface makes digital processing more accurate, simple, flexible, and convenient

Technical parameters:

Measuring and controlling temperature range


Normal temperature~200 ℃


Temperature measurement display resolution


0.01 ℃ (common type 0.1 ℃ is controlled by imported temperature controller)


Temperature measurement and control accuracy




Calibration accuracy


± 0.5 Mooney value


Rotor speed


2 rpm ± 0.02 rpm


Torque range


0-200 Mooney value


Torque resolution


0.1 Mooney value


print contents


Date, time, temperature, Mooney scorch curve, MV, T5, T35, T3, T18, @ 15, @ 30


Power Supply



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