Plate Vulcanizer For Rubber(touch-screen) -rubber testing machine

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Product Description

The plate vulcanizer is mainly used to vulcanize parallel belts, such as conveyor belts, transmission belts and pressed rubber products, foamed plastics, thermosetting plastics (bakelite) and other plastic products. This product has a high degree of automation, simple operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and superior performance.

Purpose of the equipment:

Plate vulcanizer is suitable for key products such as O-rings, mobile phones, computer keyboards, remote controls, and pressure cookers, rice cookers, sealing gaskets, household electrical accessories, food, sanitation, and medical device accessories. Production and processing of complex silicone and rubber accessories such as pacifiers, medical supplies, health care products, handicrafts, toy seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts, medical silicone products, sports equipment, various utensils, multi-layer molded products, etc.

Equipment characteristics:

1. Adopt PC or manual control, with reliable performance and high degree of automation. It can automatically identify incorrect commands and avoid accidents caused by incorrect operations.

2. The pre prepared process procedures can be locked so that the operator cannot change them without authorization to ensure the quality of the presswork.

3. It has functions such as timed mold opening, automatic deflation, and automatic pressure replenishment.

Manual, automatic, and electric operation modes are available for selection.

The electric heating press adopts digital display (pointer type) temperature control to control and display the temperature of the heating plate.

Technical parameters:

1. Capacity: 5-50ton (adjustable)

2. Temperature range: normal temperature~300 ℃

3. Temperature accuracy: ± 2 ℃

3. Temperature controller: LED digital display

4. Temperature control mode: LED mode control

5. Heater: electric pipe heating

6. Working mode: electric heating.

7. Temperature rise time: about 15min at room temperature~160 ℃ (temperature rise speed adjustable)

8. Timer: LED display, 0.01S~999min~999hr (adjustable)

9. Hot pressed plate: 500 × 500mm (specially treated high hardness steel plate)

10. Exhaust function: low pressure automatic exhaust 3 to 10 times a minute adjustable

11. Oil pressure system: Proportional hydraulic flow closed loop control system, GPY oil pump (made in Japan) driving high-performance electro-hydraulic system with high-precision drag free cylinder piston execution constant speed control mode (stroke height can be independently set freely), with automatic pressure compensation function, preset pressurization time, strong load force, smooth lifting, automatic pressurization, pressure maintaining, and pressure relief

12. Cylinder stroke: Max 300mm

13. Cylinder speed: 11mm/s

14. Pressure gauge: 0-200kg/

15. Volume: (W × D × H)1400 × six hundred and fifty × 2300 mm

16. Power supply: 3 ∮, AC380V, 20A

17. Weight: approximately 1600kg

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