Internal Rubber Mixer used for rubber molding and mixing

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Product Description

Internal mixer, also known as kneader, is mainly used for rubber molding and mixing. An internal mixer is a machine equipped with a pair of rotors with a specific shape and relative rotation, which intermittently molds and mixes polymer materials under a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure. It is mainly composed of an internal mixing chamber, a rotor, a rotor sealing device, a feeding and pressing device, a discharge device, a transmission device, and a base.

Purpose of the equipment:

Applicable products of internal mixer:

(1) Rubber (silicone) rubber products: various rubber products such as rubber rings, rubber tubes, adhesive tapes, rubber belts, shockproof rubber, rubber rollers, rubber sponges, tires, rubber soles, oil seals, silicone rubber miscellaneous parts, etc;

(2) Chemical industry raw materials and plastic products: various cable materials, color masterbatches, and carbide high filling, EVA, PVC, low smoke and no barrier fuel, TPR, cable heat shrinkable tubes, calcium high filling, rubber plastic blends, and other chemical raw materials.

Equipment characteristics:

1. The components such as the internal mixing chamber, weight, rotor, etc. all adopt a jacket type structure, which can be cooled by water to meet the requirements of various rubber (plastic) mixing processes, ensuring excellent and stable quality of the processed materials.

The spiral angle and working length of the rotor ribs are reasonably designed to achieve the best kneading effect for the material. The rotor ribs and end faces are made of hardfacing wear-resistant cemented carbide.

The joint between the upper opening of the mixing chamber and the suspension wall of the rack is designed with a secondary corner pressure seal structure, which has a good sealing and dust prevention effect.

The machine is sturdy and durable, easy to install, operate, and maintain, and saves electricity.

Technical parameters:

1. Internal mixing chamber volume: 4L (customizable)

2. Output: 0.6-4KG/time (customizable)

3. Drive motor: 2.2KW AC motor

Rotation motor: 0.4KW AC motor

5. Rotation angle: 110 degrees

Rotor speed: 0-80r/min

7. Maximum pressure of weight (MPa): 0.3

8. Unloading method: quick opening type

9. Feeding method: front feeding

10. Water cooling (rubber mixing): 0.2-0.4MPa

11. Machine weight: 600KG

12. Overall dimension: 1600X700X2000mm

13. Power supply: 380VAC

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