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Product Description

rubber density meter/hydrometer is widely used in rubber and plastic density meter, wire and cable density meter, composite material density meter, tire density meter and other industries. PWMH-200A machine has simple operation, fast measurement, accurate results, and economical benefits.
According to the standard: the product conforms to ASTM D792, GB/T 1033, HG4-1468, JIS-K-6268, ISO 2781 and other standard specifications


1. Quick and direct reading: the specific gravity (density), volume, percentage of solids, particles, and floating bodies
2. The maximum weighing can reach 200g
3. The smallest  weighing 0.005g
4. The density and volume are resolved to 0.001 g/cm3
5. All kinds of plastic particles such as PVC and PE can be measured quickly and accurately

6. Economical, good stability, simple operation, fast measurement time, accurate results
7. Clean and environmentally friendly, using water as the medium, or other liquid media depending on the product characteristics
8. It has the function of actual water temperature compensation to avoid deviation of measurement results caused by different water temperatures
9. One machine for two purposes, can measure specific gravity and can also be used as a precision balance
10. Standard accessories: tweezers, thermometer, 100G weight, anti-floating frame, wind and dust cover, a set of special accessories for particle measurement

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