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Product Description

The insulation material voltage breakdown tester is controlled by a computer and completes the power frequency voltage breakdown and power frequency withstand voltage tests of the insulation material through man-machine dialogue. It is suitable for testing the breakdown voltage, breakdown strength, and withstand voltage of solid insulating materials (such as insulating paints, resins, and adhesives, impregnated fiber products, laminated products, mica and its products, plastics, film composite products, ceramics, and glass) at power frequency voltage.


Solid executive standard

GB1408-2016、GB/T1695-2005、GB/T13542.4-2009、GB/T3333、HG/T 3330、GB12656、ASTM D149.


Liquid executive standard

GB/T 507-2002, DL429.9-91, Determination of Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Oils, and Determination of Dielectric Strength of Insulating Oils


Product Advantages

1. Siemens CPU central unit processor has the highest and most stable acquisition accuracy;


2. Wireless Bluetooth control gets rid of the distance problem and is more convenient to use when separating between humans and computers. Unique in China, better protecting personnel safety;


3. Bidirectional voltage and current interference suppression technology to prevent the danger of loss of control and burning of communication ports caused by current interference at the time of breakdown;


4. The new software has a self check function and an early warning prompt function, which adds two-way current and voltage judgment, and supports wireless security control. Generally, manufacturers can only rely on voltage detection;


5. Electric leakage protection net is installed inside, and the electric arc automatically relieves pressure;


6. The latest control program in C++provides more accurate results;


7. It is superior to other manufacturers that can only make solids, and our testing machine can make both solids and liquids;


8. Built-in fuse protector, and leakage protector. Overcurrent or overload can effectively burn out the fuse to protect the instrument control and high-voltage parts and facilitate replacement.

Maximum output voltage 50KV

Electrical capacity 5KVA

Single phase AC voltage with working voltage of 220v ± 10 and frequency of 50Hz ± 1

Test method: AC/DC test: 1. Constant speed boosting 2. Gradient boosting 3. Voltage withstand test

Test medium Air/insulating oil

The step-up device uses advanced contactless components to boost voltage at a constant speed, eliminating the previous mechanical voltage regulation

No upper limit for software setting of withstand voltage time

Test accuracy ≤ 0.5%

Leakage current selection 5-200mA

Control mode: wireless Bluetooth/wired 232 transmission

Breakdown judgment methods: voltage/current

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