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Product Description

FPC bending resistance testing machine is mainly used for bending testing of flexible circuit boards (commonly known as software circuit boards), such as mobile phones, PDAs, electronic dictionaries, laptops, and other electronic products. FPC soft boards are mainly used for bending resistance and bending life testing. This machine complies with JIS C6471 and other test standards.


Product Features

1. The box is treated with electrostatic spray paint, with a reasonable overall design, tight structure, and safe, stable, and accurate operation;


2. Using a specially designed power rectifier circuit to enhance the long-term use ability and anti-interference of the motor and actuator components;


3. Adopt stepper motor drive, high-precision positioning accuracy, low noise, and can be used for a long time;


4. Program controlled origin reset eliminates the need to manually align the fixture to its original position;


5. Using touch screen input, PLC control, stepper motor drive;


6. The test angle, speed, frequency, and motor return to the original point can be set, and automatic counting can be performed. When the product bends to a broken line and cannot be powered on, the operation can be automatically stopped;


7. The test load and stroke are manually adjustable, and the test fixture is manually adjustable, which is widely used.


Product parameters

1. Test station: 1


2. Test angle: 0~± 135 degrees, optionally set (180 degrees can be customized)


3. Test speed: 10-180 times/minute (text digital setting)


4. Test stroke: 20~100mm (manually adjustable, customized according to requirements)


5. Maximum width and opening width of the test fixture: 30mm (can be customized according to requirements)


6. Test fixture: a set of lower R-angle movable fixture and upper movable fixture


7. Test R angle clamp diameter: 0.38, 0.8, 1.2, 2mm (freely replaceable, customized)


8. Test times counter: 0~999999 times (text numbers can be preset, reached times and product breaks


Auto Stop)


9. Test function: text setting angle, number of times, speed, etc., with unique conduction function, automatic stop counting function when disconnected, automatic search for origin, etc


10. Machine size (L × W × H):450 × three hundred and eighty × 700mm


11. Machine weight: 45kg


12. Working power supply: AC220V, 50HZ


13. Can add conduction function (can also be customized according to customer requirements)

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