Flexible Material Bending Resistance Tester - New materials testing equipments

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Product Description

This machine is a non-standard customized model. It adopts a touch screen+PLC program control, and uses a servo motor as the driving source. The test can be quite smooth and stable. It can be used for bending life testing of FPC soft boards, tapes, flexible materials, etc. At the same time, this product is suitable for testing the folding life of flexible films, flexible screens, and OLED screens. The system uses a touch screen to communicate with PLC, and controls a servo motor to drive a synchronous toothed belt to repeatedly fold the two clamp plates, and to perform a bending test on the flexible material fixed to the clamp.


This testing machine can set a lifetime of 9999999 times at a time, and the testing machine automatically completes the testing times. Is a good life testing machine for evaluating the performance of flexible materials.


Product Features

1. The bending radius can be accurately adjusted;


2. The clamp plate can be folded symmetrically at the same time, or can be folded on one side of the side plate;


3. The equipment is equipped with a safety shield to protect the operator's safety;


4. The touch screen can directly input test parameters and display test data;


major function

1. Automatic and manual functions


2. Test speed can be set


3. The bending angle can be set


technical parameter

1. Bending radius: R1mm - R10mm adjustable


2. Bending angle: arbitrary setting test within 0-180 °;


3. Bending speed: 5-60 times/min, adjustable, and the current test speed is displayed on the touch screen


4. Tested sample size: ≤ 200mm (clamping width); ≤ 200mm (bending direction)


6. Count range: 0-999999


7. Power requirement: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz


8. Equipment power: 800W


10. Equipment weight: 50Kg

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