High Quality Rubber Flat Vulcanizing Machine

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Product Description

This series of flat vulcanizers is the main equipment for pressing and molding various rubber model products and non-model products, and can also be used for pressing various thermosetting plastics and foaming rubber and plastic products. It has an independent power mechanism and electrical system and adopts button centralized control. The working pressure and heating temperature can be adjusted within a certain range. This model is divided into manual and semi-automatic.



Pressure capacity 30T
Pressure gauge The double node pressure is adjustable, and the pressure adjustment accuracy is 10%
Platen size (mm metric) 250*250/300*300/350*350/400*400/450*450/500*500/600*600mm
Hot plate material High temperature resistant imported steel plate, surface carbonization and quenching, special treatment for fast heat conduction, parallel pressure and no deformation, wear-resistant.
Platen hardness 50~60HRC
Platen flatness 0.03mm
Platen flatness ≤0.03mm
Platen parallelism ≤0.16mm
Temperature range [choose one based on the quotation] Normal temperature -250°C [customizable maximum temperature of 500°C]
Temperature uniformity 1.5ºCThe larger the platen, the higher the temperature and the worse the temperature uniformity
Temperature Controller Precision module, with PLC touch screen control, touch screen display, numerical display.
Temperature control method The temperature control motherboard is precisely controlled, and the self-tuning is matched with high-precision sensors. The temperature control accuracy is ±1.0 °C.
Timer The setting display in the touch screen, the time range is 0.1S~99min~9.9hr
Heater Heating mold built-in cylindrical type [Configure different power according to the platen area, package platen temperature uniformity, not the same power]
Heating time Room temperature~160ºC takes about 15min
Two hot plates The hot plate can be set separately to control the temperature
Heating method Electric heating
Cooling method Free cooling
Hydraulic system CREE.6 hydraulic flow closed-loop control system is adopted, the oil pump drives high-performance electro-hydraulic and the piston of high-precision non-resistance oil cylinder executes the constant-rate control mode, and has the function of automatic pressure compensation. One-time pressurization automatically compensates for pressure, with strong load force and stable lifting. ;Automatic pressurization, maintenance and pressure relief.
Cylinder stroke Max 150mm [customizable]
Cylinder rate 11mm/s
Pressure gauge 0~200kg/sq.cm
Mold opening method Fully automatic rise and fall (with manual and automatic dual functions)
Safety devices Safety shield, safety gate.
Number of safety devices 4
Supporting mold frame [optional] Customized
Host volume (W×D×H)1100×550×1500 mm
Voltage 3∮, AC220V
Total Weight ≈350kg

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